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I Had This Crazy Dream and Never Smoked Again

This story never gets old. At the ripe old age of 29 I had been a pack-a-day smoker for 16 years. I started in grade 8. It wasn’t to fit in, rather it was to get off my head – the first foray into mind-alteration. But this story isn’t really about that. This story is about me at 29 and I’ll provide a snapshot: she is in a low period of her life; in college and failing, unemployed, suffering from panic attacks, living in a house where some unmentionable activity is going on, with very unhappy people around, and she’s sick, all. the. time. Every little virus, bug or bacteria going around seemed to hone in on me. I couldn’t shake it. On any given day I was invariably coughing up a lung or puking. I had acne running up and down my back and all over my scalp and face, which had just kind of appeared out of no-where (and didn’t help with the going outside part – of life). I could barely get …