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The Shaman’s Journey: Nine Worlds

I love this installation. It really creeps me out, in a good way. I had posted this on my other blog years ago, before doing any journey work myself. Interesting to see it now and have a different perspective on it. I find it decidedly less creepy now. I love the way it starts out eery and grey and ends up green and colourful, like we’ve just been taken on a journey that had a happy ending. It really speaks to me of the shaman’s connection with the unseen. “Nine Worlds,” a film from the multimedia installation “The Shaman’s Journey” by Thomas Ross Miller, in the exhibition Siberian Shamans, Linden State Museum of Ethnology, Stuttgart, Germany (December 2008-June 2009). Director: Thomas Ross Miller, Curatorial Consulting (New York, USA) Video Producer: Craig Campbell, Metafactory Studio (Edmonton, Canada) Assistant Video Producer: Aaron Munson (Edmonton) Sound Mix: John Hudak (New York) Exibition Curator: Erich Kasten (Berlin)

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Let Me Tell You About the Sacred Earth

Mama-earth is sacred. She is alive, a non-human person. Everything on the earth is alive. From rocks to trees to rivers and mountains. This is the animistic world-view. In one way she is our mother. She feeds us and nurtures us, As my teacher says, ‘may her back always rise up to meet our footsteps’. In another way we are cells in a larger organism. We cannot survive and flourish without the survival of the earth and yet we go through our days acting as if we could. We have turned away our faces from our Mother, to accept, even revel in the cold and cruel reality of our separation. This is also a separation from self, and we are suffering for it. Our children suffer from nature deficit disorder while we indifferently tear down football fields per second of forest, destroy whole mountains with mining, stir up earthquakes with fracking and watch our oceans choke on plastic waste. We are more like a cancer than anything else. Perhaps it’s hard for us humans to understand the true nature …

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My Ancestors – A Visitation, and a Short Film

Reading from blogs this week: an article and a short film. Theme: ancestors. The article (with lots of typos but otherwise great) about the invention of the ethnic term ‘white’, and how that concept of white, homogenized all European cultures into one ethnic group, wiping out distinctive cultures in the new world. A concept I had never thought if before, but when presented with it realized how simple it is. I am not ‘white’ anymore than you would call persons from all over Asia ‘yellow’. Unfortunately this is a North American cultural paradigm. We are ‘white’ and ‘black’ and ‘Indian’. Or, more PC, African-American, Native American and … white? Yup still just white. Well, I’m Scottish on my dad’s side. My great-grandmother grew up there. Her husband’s family was also from Scotland via Normandy (Vikings). On my mum’s side, going way back, Cornish (Celts) and English (Anglo-Saxon), but more recently from Suffolk. They came to the new world via Massachusetts (Salem – Mary Estey is my 9th great-grandmother) in the 1600s and then up to New Brunswick …

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This is What Living in the Viking Age Looked Like

This is a cool video – a rendition of what life would have been like for people in the largest Viking settlement discovered as yet – The Tissø excavations. I am studying the ancient Norse as part of my masters. I find them to be fascinating. We hear so much about old Celtic culture, the knotted art work, the metalwork – but Viking art easily rivalled the Celts. There is much more to Viking culture than horned helmets, big ships and Berserkers. They were quite a sophisticated civilization.

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Hypnotizing Circle Dance By Sufi Zikr

I came across this on Facebook and found it on Youtube – absolutely hypnotic! Can’t stop watching. What does it bring up for you? For me it’s sort of earth-bound, powerful, hypnotic and ancient feeling. I’d really wish I could get this on vinyl! At first I thought this was a form of whirling dervish, but here is a quote from the comments on Facebook: Sufi dance Zikr in Chechnya “What they are doing is a very typical Sufi Muslim thing called ‘dhikr’ which means remembrance or recitation. They use Quranic verses, poems or Islamic chants to remember and praise God and sending blessings to the Prophet. It is practised all over the Muslim world and extremely hypnotic. For a few moments you forget all pain and suffering in your life.”