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Quickening: An Imbolc Tarot Spread

Originally posted on FURIOUSHORDE:
Imbolc is a time of quickening. The word Imbolc is from the Gaelic for “in the belly” and speaks of the promise of spring, even when winter lingers. Think of the earth stretching before arising from her winter bed and her blood warming beneath her skin of soil. Our Quickening Spread for Imbolc is about paying attention to those seed dreams we discovered within ourselves in the dark of the year, focusing on how we can nurture our dream into reality. 1. Seed. What is the dream seed that you hope to grow in the brightening year? 2 + 3. Quickening. What energies are stirring awake within you? What part of your self that has been slumbering is slowly awakening? 4. Fire. What aids and inspires your dream seed? 5. Ice. What blocks and challenges your dream seed? 6 + 7. Forge. How can you support and shape your dream into reality? 8. Surfacing. What of your dream is currently emerging and you should seek to support right now?

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How and Why to Start a Yoga Practice

On Sharon Gannon’s Magic Ten Asana Sequence and Why We Must Practice with Love I came across this article today. Love it so. Sharon Gannon is the teacher of one of my teachers and the founder/creatrix of the Jivamukti yoga method. In the article she talks about how the asana part of yoga allows us to feel at ease in our bodies, which frees the mind, the spirit. So true and I never really thought of it that way before. But if you think, you are sore or achy or you have chronic headaches or you are carrying too much weight for your frame – or you are too thin and arthritic and sore – all of these malaise, these complaints in the body help us to stay focussed on ourselves – our pain, our discomfort. The ego flourishes. Meditation is the strongest medicine for transcending the ego. It stops the hamster wheel in our heads. Suddenly we have relief from the constant judging, categorizing, ranting voices, the ‘poor mes’, the skirmishes to the past or the …

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What is a Spiritual Practice?

Back in the day I worked at a high fashion retail store, selling too expensive imports from Paris and London to ladies who couldn’t really afford them. One of my co-workers was a model (quite obviously – tall, beautiful in that androgynous kind of way). We didn’t talk too much, but I remember her telling me offhand one day how she was tired because she got up at 4:30am that day. ‘Why?’ I asked. Oh her boyfriend and her regularly get up at 4:30 to chant together for 2 hours. ‘Chant?’ I wondered what the heck, but didn’t ask for more. I thought she was a little nut-bar but, at the same time I secretly admired her dedication. I wished that I believed in something deeply enough to make that kind of regular commitment. Skip to now. What I’ve realised is that to have a daily practice of chanting, yoga, breathing, prayer, devotions, whatever it is, takes belief in oneself more than anything. Then, the more we practice, the more what else we believe in …

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Rainbow Body Guided Visualization

I do a variation of this every morning. This is a basic foundational mediation and visualization for clearing out your chakras and grounding to the earth. You can build on it later after you’re comfortable with it. Go into a meditative state in the usual way, with steps downward or counting or whatever you use to relax yourself into a deeper meditative state. Then open the chakras, starting with the Root chakra: red, then the Spleen: orange, the Solar Plexus, yellow, the Heart: green, the Throat: sky-blue, the Third Eye: indigo, the Crown: violet. In your mind’s eye, see these spots in the corresponding places on your body. Open them by creating light and color there in accordance with the chakra. Make them spin. Then, pay attention if any the color seems off or faded. If so, stop and concentrate on bringing light to that place and ‘cleaning’ it out. Let the rainbow of colors and light encircle your whole body. Once your whole body is glowing and it is effortless, move on to the next visualization.

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Happy Ostara

We started following the traditional wheel of the year many years ago after a rather harrowing Christmas season. The stress of it all made me question why I was actually doing it. We weren’t Christian after all and back then that seemed pretty black and white. We weren’t pagan either. We had no religious leanings. I just ran across an article actually, stating that British Columbia is one of the least religious places in the whole world! Needless to say, almost all of our friends are secular. So I decided then, that we could celebrate the Winter Solstice instead, because I could get behind celebrating snowboarding, sleigh-rides, icicles and general winter-y fun. Also upon further digging I found out that a lot of Christmas traditions were actually pre-Christian pagan traditions. The tree, the mistletoe, the yule log, the holly. I was so glad to be able to keep my beloved Christmas tree tradition (renamed Solstice Tree). We can talk more on this next winter hey? Suffice it to say, Halloween, Spring-time and Easter are the same. We Germans to …

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Shamanic Journeying and Liminal Spaces

I’ve always been fascinated by stories that talk about going to parallel realities through tunnels or portals. C.S Lewis’s Narnia was my favourite, in particular The Magicians Nephew. Remember that between place that the children find? A heavily wooded forest with its cloying stillness that caused one to doze and forget – dotted with many pools, each one leading to a different world. Or how about Oz, a place found only through the eye of a cyclone? Or that book A Wrinkle in Time – about the girl who travels to another dimension to find her father. I loved these books when I was a kid, but there was something decidedly creepy about them. Like, these places exist, but they are not of our reality and so anything could happen if you went there. There’s a feeling of immense power that makes you feel tiny…not necessarily evil, but not good either, just you know, really BIG. I think I went to one of these places once, when I was attempting a shamanic journey. It was similar to that Narnia forest.

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Emily of New Moon and ‘The Flash’

I read these books when I was little, probably around nine or ten, and they have always stuck with me. Written by Montgomery, L. M. (Lucy Maud), 1874-1942, they are similar to Anne of Green Gables (by the same author) which people may be more acquainted with, but they are a little darker, with the character Emily being more introspective and certainly wilder. Not that she was a wild-child, but rather she had an affinity with the wildness of nature. Her appreciation, or obviously the author’s (I’ve read that Emily was autobiographical for the writer) appreciation for the beauty of the natural world around her stoked my imagination intensely when I was small, it took me away. I grew up in a small town surrounded by forests and mountains, so it was easy for me to look around and see this beauty too. And I did. I have many memories of being even younger than that, and just sitting alone in a field or on moss-covered boulders on the hillsides and basking in hot summer afternoons, …