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Turning the Tide, Planting Seeds – 8 Ways To Manifest a Better World at Imbolc

The world is going crazy south of us here in Canada and no-one knows how it will all pan out for all of us. Everything feels suddenly hyperreal, as is common when faced with a threat – reality solidifies around survival instincts so we can have this pin-point of focus on the enemy.
There is really SO MUCH wrong in the world it can be overwhelming. My reaction thus far has been to try to keep my eye on all of it, as if in some way this will make it all safer. But this is impossible. It spreads my energies thin and accomplishes very little, other than creating a state of fear and worry. So this year, at Imbolc, I am doing something different.

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My Dear Guide – Shamanism and Grave’s Part Two

My road to recovery from illness has had many facets. Like peeling an onion only to get to the next layer, tears and all. There’s been the physical symptoms to address, but I knew from the beginning that this illness was more complex. In 2012 my baby son was 3 years old. I started working out again for the first time after pregnancy. I wanted to get back into shape and to deal with the postpartum anxiety that had escalated through the first three years of my son’s life, to an uncomfortable ceiling. Two months later I was feeling great. I did a body-weight workout three times per week and ran whenever I could. Then, on consecutive workouts I started getting chest pains. This was so strange that I ignored them at first, thinking it was a pectoral muscle strain. But then I noticed that the pain went away if I sat down to rest, which a muscle strain wouldn’t. When I clued in it was my heart I called a cardiac nurse friend of mine who said, “You realize that …

The Heartache by Christain Schloe | SpiritMAMA Blog

After I got Grave’s Disease – Part One

Everything fell apart. But, it really had to. They say disease, sickness, injury come to show us what we are ignoring. Or at least show us where we are in disharmony. For me, Graves made me sit down. Literally. I sat on my couch for months because even the slightest of strain or excitement made my heart race out of my chest. Getting up to go to the bathroom for example. Getting upset at a sad movie. Climbing stairs. Dwelling on negative things in my life. All equaled chest pains and tachycardia. It’s really the most vulnerable I have ever felt, my heart a timid bird in its cage of ribs, fluttering. So, I sat. And sat. And my life stopped. Up to then I had always been a busy-bee. If not busy enough then doing make-work projects that burdened me with a lot of extra stress, my fuel. I worked-out a lot. I had a small child plus nannied another. I liked drama and was often inundated with negative thoughts about people in the my life – …

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The Greening of the Self: The Most Important Development of Modern Times

This article speaks for me. I have for a while now, thought that much of what we can do within this enormous ecological crisis we are in, within the powerlessness that we feel as individuals to stop it, is to hold space for Mama Earth and the animals. Not to shy away from our sorrow and our grief at the passing of species into oblivion or the melting icecaps or the war on eco-warriors who are trying to get us all to wake up – but to actually step towards it in our hearts and let it change us. Because baby, transformation is what we need. The move to a wider ecological sense of self is in large part a function of the dangers that are threatening to overwhelm us. Given nuclear proliferation and the progressive destruction of our biosphere, polls show that people today are aware that the world, as they know it, may come to an end. I am convinced that this loss of certainty that there will be a future is the pivotal …

Christian Schloe | SpiritMAMA Blog

A Balanced Approach to Living With Grave’s

My journey with Graves disease continues. They say that it comes in waves or fluctuates – this is my experience now. My symptoms have come back. Not as bad as they once were, but enough to stop me from doing things I like to do – mainly yoga, running, physical exercise. For me Graves manifests in my heart mostly, though I know for others symptoms differ. For me it’s my heart, pounding away at my chest, or fluttering like a little bird in my rib-cage. I see my heart beat in the corner of my eyes at night, throbbing, throbbing – feel it pushing blood through all of my pulse points. I can actually hear it thump most of the time. There’s nothing quite like the feeling that your heart is struggling… it puts you down. Fast. I admit I got lazy with my healing protocol. Or, more like I hoped that I was cured. Yay! But no, of course it’s not to be. So I have gone back to my notes and my books to get back on the …

We Miss You Film Police with Deer | SpiritMAMA Blog

Let Me Tell You About the Sacred Earth

Mama-earth is sacred. She is alive, a non-human person. Everything on the earth is alive. From rocks to trees to rivers and mountains. This is the animistic world-view. In one way she is our mother. She feeds us and nurtures us, As my teacher says, ‘may her back always rise up to meet our footsteps’. In another way we are cells in a larger organism. We cannot survive and flourish without the survival of the earth and yet we go through our days acting as if we could. We have turned away our faces from our Mother, to accept, even revel in the cold and cruel reality of our separation. This is also a separation from self, and we are suffering for it. Our children suffer from nature deficit disorder while we indifferently tear down football fields per second of forest, destroy whole mountains with mining, stir up earthquakes with fracking and watch our oceans choke on plastic waste. We are more like a cancer than anything else. Perhaps it’s hard for us humans to understand the true nature …