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Turning the Tide, Planting Seeds – 8 Ways To Manifest a Better World at Imbolc

The world is going crazy south of us here in Canada and no-one knows how it will all pan out for all of us. Everything feels suddenly hyperreal, as is common when faced with a threat – reality solidifies around survival instincts so we can have this pin-point of focus on the enemy.
There is really SO MUCH wrong in the world it can be overwhelming. My reaction thus far has been to try to keep my eye on all of it, as if in some way this will make it all safer. But this is impossible. It spreads my energies thin and accomplishes very little, other than creating a state of fear and worry. So this year, at Imbolc, I am doing something different.

Green Woman | SpiritMAMA Blog

The Greening of the Self: The Most Important Development of Modern Times

This article speaks for me. I have for a while now, thought that much of what we can do within this enormous ecological crisis we are in, within the powerlessness that we feel as individuals to stop it, is to hold space for Mama Earth and the animals. Not to shy away from our sorrow and our grief at the passing of species into oblivion or the melting icecaps or the war on eco-warriors who are trying to get us all to wake up – but to actually step towards it in our hearts and let it change us. Because baby, transformation is what we need. The move to a wider ecological sense of self is in large part a function of the dangers that are threatening to overwhelm us. Given nuclear proliferation and the progressive destruction of our biosphere, polls show that people today are aware that the world, as they know it, may come to an end. I am convinced that this loss of certainty that there will be a future is the pivotal …

Christian Schloe | SpiritMAMA Blog

A Balanced Approach to Living With Grave’s

My journey with Graves disease continues. They say that it comes in waves or fluctuates – this is my experience now. My symptoms have come back. Not as bad as they once were, but enough to stop me from doing things I like to do – mainly yoga, running, physical exercise. For me Graves manifests in my heart mostly, though I know for others symptoms differ. For me it’s my heart, pounding away at my chest, or fluttering like a little bird in my rib-cage. I see my heart beat in the corner of my eyes at night, throbbing, throbbing – feel it pushing blood through all of my pulse points. I can actually hear it thump most of the time. There’s nothing quite like the feeling that your heart is struggling… it puts you down. Fast. I admit I got lazy with my healing protocol. Or, more like I hoped that I was cured. Yay! But no, of course it’s not to be. So I have gone back to my notes and my books to get back on the …

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Let Me Tell You About the Sacred Earth

Mama-earth is sacred. She is alive, a non-human person. Everything on the earth is alive. From rocks to trees to rivers and mountains. This is the animistic world-view. In one way she is our mother. She feeds us and nurtures us, As my teacher says, ‘may her back always rise up to meet our footsteps’. In another way we are cells in a larger organism. We cannot survive and flourish without the survival of the earth and yet we go through our days acting as if we could. We have turned away our faces from our Mother, to accept, even revel in the cold and cruel reality of our separation. This is also a separation from self, and we are suffering for it. Our children suffer from nature deficit disorder while we indifferently tear down football fields per second of forest, destroy whole mountains with mining, stir up earthquakes with fracking and watch our oceans choke on plastic waste. We are more like a cancer than anything else. Perhaps it’s hard for us humans to understand the true nature …

30 Day Yoga Challenge Day 20 | SpiritMAMA Blog

Karma Teachers Campaign Day 20

Saturday morning! I had a lovely long 1.5 hour session on my mat, then a walk to get a latte. Sun is shining. Perfection. This class is from the book, Yoga Mind Body and Spirit by Donna Farhi. This book was my very first introduction to yoga back 2001. It taught me about proper alignment, breathing cues and how the body works with yoga. Donna is a hatha yoga practitioner and teacher so one thing I noticed when I started to branch out to vinyasa was the difference in timing. I worked from this book for many years before moving out into classes. In Donna’s sequences she holds poses for 3-5 minutes, whereas with vinyasa you hold for 5 – 8 breaths, no-where near as long. In this videos you can see which poses I’m holding for several minutes. It can be quite intense! I always think it’s funny when people say hatha is like ‘baby-yoga’ or that it’s too easy. I always think, they must be in a beginners class. In my experience, intermediate to …

30 Day Yoga Challenge Day 17 | SpiritMAMA Blog

Karma Teachers Campaign Day 17 – Sun Salutations Expansion

I was feeling a little bit nervous about practicing today because I’ve been sick for so long. I wasn’t sure what style would be good for my body. I came to the mat and meditated on it for a while, as I do every morning, and it came to me to do my own class. This would allow me the flexibility to do what felt right in the moment, rather than being guided by a teacher. Today I did my own class with the help of one of my bibles, Yoga Mind Body and Spirit by Donna Farhi. I love her! I did 10 or so rounds of sun salutations with poses added poses in the middle. The Classic Sun Salutation (Sun Sal C) goes like this: Mountain Upward Salute Forward fold Left leg lunge Downward dog Plank Four Limbed staff (low pushup) Cobra or upward facing dog Downward dog Right leg lunge Fold Upward Salute Mountain Sun Sals are cycles. You come back to the beginning and then repeat as many times as you feel you …

30 Day Yoga Challenge Day 16 | SpiritMAMA Blog

Karma Teachers Campaign Day 16 – Easing Back Into Practice with Yin

Wow! It’s day 16 already! I’ve been sick for days and days so mot much yoga going on. Happy to finally be back at my mat. Today I eased back into practice with a Yin class with Bernie Clark via Gaia TV. For those of you who aren’t familiar with Yin, it’s a very slow practice where poses are held for several minutes. It does not build heat in the body, which is why I’m using blankets in this video. Yin targets the fascia and tendons (Yin materials) rather than the muscles (Yan materials). It’s a deep release practice that can be quite intense – as intense sometimes as it is NOT vigorous. I like to do gentle Yin when I am sick, or exhausted and depleted. Bernie Clark is a Canadian teacher, the author of one of the Yin bibles, ‘Yin Yoga, Principles and Practice’. SO great to able to do a class with him! Here’s a link to the class. It’s called Mindfulness Directed at the Body. Lots of backbends – which leave …

30 Day Yoga Challenge Day 9 | SpiritMAMA Blog

Karma Teachers Campaign Day 9 – Breakfast Yoga

A short but sweet class from Giselle Mari via Gaia TV. So hard to get out of bed to the mat in the mornings! But we can do it right? It’s always worth the effort. This morning I fell over in my head stand! Ouch. Here’s Giselle’s class. It was ok. Not good or bad. Just a kind of wake me up so, so class. That’s not on Giselle – she’s very knowledgable! It just wasn’t exactly what I needed this morning. I feel like I could go back to the mat for more – but work calls! Ah doesn’t it always? Here’s her website. Don’t forget to donate to my Karma Teachers campaign from Jan 18 to Feb 16th, to be entered into draws for lovely free gifts and a free 200 hour Karma Teachers, Yoga Alliance approved, Teacher Training! Check out my campaign page for more info and to donate. Karma Teachers Centre for Yoga and Meditation

30 Day Yoga Challenge Day 8 | SpiritMAMA Blog

Karma Teachers Campaign Day 8 – Persistence

I didn’t post a video over the weekend. I did yoga out at a studio on Saturday and then Sunday I kept it to meditation for half an hour. This is also yoga. Today I slept in and did my session at 9:30am instead of 6:30am. I have to say – what a difference! I’m thinking 6:30 isn’t my magical yoga hour. Later in the morning I am so much more focused, physically stable and grounded. Better able to take in the teachings and listen to my inner voice deeply. Altogether much more enjoyable yoga! Not sure what to do about that though – being a busy self-employed mama, 6:30 is usually the only time slot I have for a class. Hmmm, decisions decisions. For my class today, I wanted something longer and challenging. I feel refreshed from a little break over the weekend and renewed from last week’s fatigue – so of course I picked one from one of my teachers, Michael Olivotto from Karma Teachers. He’s a super strong teacher and his classes always …

30 Day Yoga Challenge Day 5 | SpiritMAMA Blog

Karma Teachers Campaign Day 5 – Kundalini Fusion

Yoga is all about listening in to your body. How am I feeling? What does my body need today? Where am I sore or tight or even possibly injured? Today my body is saying rest. So I chose a shorter fusion class – vinyasa with some prana-moving kundalini aspects. It was good but I’m till feeling worn out and sore. Another great thing to do when embarking on a yogic path is to visit your chiropractor or your massage therapist regularly. As my chiro said to me, new students of yoga usually need to come in more – all that yoga while still new to alignment can get you all bent out of shape! I think I am due for that. Here’s the class on Gaia TV: Joyous Unfolding and Rejuvenation by Kia Miller. I really enjoyed the kundalini prana-moving parts of this class. I kinda wished I had just done an hour of that. You can see my son on the couch behind me – at one point he was saying ‘that looks like …