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Etsy Love Fest: Narnia

I heart Etsy. Not that I endorse consumer culture overly much, but I do love artists and crafty-people. And a lot of folks on Etsy are moms making it work. I’m happy to support. If you’re gonna buy, to the best of your abilities, buy second-hand, local, handmade or mom and pop. (In other words, avoid community destroying big box stores and socially un-conscious, environment killing corporations.) That’s my motto. This week Fox and I finished the Lion, Witch and the Wardrobe for the second time. All the better this time round because he’s older and gets a lot more of the story. I have officially created a new fan of Aslan. All is right in the world of parenting. I won’t hide it – Narnia is my happy place.

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Go Play Outside – My Top 10 List for Summer Camp

We are lucky enough to live in one of the last wild places on the Mama, here in the Pacific Northwest. And yet, living in the middle of Vancouver I still feel too cityfied most days. I’m always on the lookout for opportunities to get my family out into Nature. And although going to a city park for the afternoon is better than watching my kids play video games, it still doesn’t cut it for me most of the time. Since I’m looking for awesome outdoor summer camps today, I thought I’d share my search with you. There’s are some truly inspiring options where I live – and I’m sure where you live too. It just takes a little digging (pun intended). Here’s a little dirt to get you inspired.

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Happy Ostara

We started following the traditional wheel of the year many years ago after a rather harrowing Christmas season. The stress of it all made me question why I was actually doing it. We weren’t Christian after all and back then that seemed pretty black and white. We weren’t pagan either. We had no religious leanings. I just ran across an article actually, stating that British Columbia is one of the least religious places in the whole world! Needless to say, almost all of our friends are secular. So I decided then, that we could celebrate the Winter Solstice instead, because I could get behind celebrating snowboarding, sleigh-rides, icicles and general winter-y fun. Also upon further digging I found out that a lot of Christmas traditions were actually pre-Christian pagan traditions. The tree, the mistletoe, the yule log, the holly. I was so glad to be able to keep my beloved Christmas tree tradition (renamed Solstice Tree). We can talk more on this next winter hey? Suffice it to say, Halloween, Spring-time and Easter are the same. We Germans to …

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Emily of New Moon and ‘The Flash’

I read these books when I was little, probably around nine or ten, and they have always stuck with me. Written by Montgomery, L. M. (Lucy Maud), 1874-1942, they are similar to Anne of Green Gables (by the same author) which people may be more acquainted with, but they are a little darker, with the character Emily being more introspective and certainly wilder. Not that she was a wild-child, but rather she had an affinity with the wildness of nature. Her appreciation, or obviously the author’s (I’ve read that Emily was autobiographical for the writer) appreciation for the beauty of the natural world around her stoked my imagination intensely when I was small, it took me away. I grew up in a small town surrounded by forests and mountains, so it was easy for me to look around and see this beauty too. And I did. I have many memories of being even younger than that, and just sitting alone in a field or on moss-covered boulders on the hillsides and basking in hot summer afternoons, …

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My Ancestors – A Visitation, and a Short Film

Reading from blogs this week: an article and a short film. Theme: ancestors. The article (with lots of typos but otherwise great) about the invention of the ethnic term ‘white’, and how that concept of white, homogenized all European cultures into one ethnic group, wiping out distinctive cultures in the new world. A concept I had never thought if before, but when presented with it realized how simple it is. I am not ‘white’ anymore than you would call persons from all over Asia ‘yellow’. Unfortunately this is a North American cultural paradigm. We are ‘white’ and ‘black’ and ‘Indian’. Or, more PC, African-American, Native American and … white? Yup still just white. Well, I’m Scottish on my dad’s side. My great-grandmother grew up there. Her husband’s family was also from Scotland via Normandy (Vikings). On my mum’s side, going way back, Cornish (Celts) and English (Anglo-Saxon), but more recently from Suffolk. They came to the new world via Massachusetts (Salem – Mary Estey is my 9th great-grandmother) in the 1600s and then up to New Brunswick …

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How Solstice Was Magic This Year

This year, in the beginning, the usual winter holiday festivities felt staged to me. A little barren, a little rote. We had more cash to buy gifts than usual, but this actually made everything a tad more stressful (shopping) and left me feeling hollow. I opted out of doing any hosting this year. Usually we host a Winter Solstice feast and open house but I just wasn’t feeling it. I wanted a mellow, stress-free holiday and it was – but I had a hard time connected with the deeper meaning of the season. I dutifully set up my Solstice altar as I do every year and felt nothing there. It was pretty though.    Then Solstice Eve rolled around. I spent that day reading out of my favourite book for seasonal celebrations, Circle Round: Raising Children in Goddess Traditions by Starhawk. I decided to make a real go of it and celebrate the night the right way, regardless of my hum-drums. We have a local theatre group here that hosts a yearly Winter Solstice lantern parade in three …