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Quickening: An Imbolc Tarot Spread

Originally posted on FURIOUSHORDE:
Imbolc is a time of quickening. The word Imbolc is from the Gaelic for “in the belly” and speaks of the promise of spring, even when winter lingers. Think of the earth stretching before arising from her winter bed and her blood warming beneath her skin of soil. Our Quickening Spread for Imbolc is about paying attention to those seed dreams we discovered within ourselves in the dark of the year, focusing on how we can nurture our dream into reality. 1. Seed. What is the dream seed that you hope to grow in the brightening year? 2 + 3. Quickening. What energies are stirring awake within you? What part of your self that has been slumbering is slowly awakening? 4. Fire. What aids and inspires your dream seed? 5. Ice. What blocks and challenges your dream seed? 6 + 7. Forge. How can you support and shape your dream into reality? 8. Surfacing. What of your dream is currently emerging and you should seek to support right now?