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What is a Spiritual Practice?

Back in the day I worked at a high fashion retail store, selling too expensive imports from Paris and London to ladies who couldn’t really afford them. One of my co-workers was a model (quite obviously – tall, beautiful in that androgynous kind of way). We didn’t talk too much, but I remember her telling me offhand one day how she was tired because she got up at 4:30am that day. ‘Why?’ I asked. Oh her boyfriend and her regularly get up at 4:30 to chant together for 2 hours. ‘Chant?’ I wondered what the heck, but didn’t ask for more. I thought she was a little nut-bar but, at the same time I secretly admired her dedication. I wished that I believed in something deeply enough to make that kind of regular commitment. Skip to now. What I’ve realised is that to have a daily practice of chanting, yoga, breathing, prayer, devotions, whatever it is, takes belief in oneself more than anything. Then, the more we practice, the more what else we believe in …

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Learning With an Altar-Space

Around Bealtane (Spring) 2012, I set up my first altar. It was confusing at first, because I wanted an altar for a few different reasons: one was to honour my ancestors and guides and whomever else may be out there helping me out; the other was to have a place to do a daily devotional to my HP (higher powers); and another was to have a working altar where I could sit in circle and work on things like making tools, journeying and working with energies, in a more formal way than I have been doing so far. So I set up three altars at first… and it didn’t work. I felt like my energies were too scattered. I realized that the working alter would have to be opened and closed – like, assembled and disassembled, unless I wanted to be feeding it every day – which I initially did do, but having three alters to ‘feed’ every day actually takes up way too much time for me. I get about ten minutes in the …

Quickening: An Imbolc Tarot Spread

Originally posted on FURIOUSHORDE:
Imbolc is a time of quickening. The word Imbolc is from the Gaelic for “in the belly” and speaks of the promise of spring, even when winter lingers. Think of the earth stretching before arising from her winter bed and her blood warming beneath her skin of soil. Our Quickening Spread for Imbolc is about paying attention to those seed dreams we discovered within ourselves in the dark of the year, focusing on how we can nurture our dream into reality. 1. Seed. What is the dream seed that you hope to grow in the brightening year? 2 + 3. Quickening. What energies are stirring awake within you? What part of your self that has been slumbering is slowly awakening? 4. Fire. What aids and inspires your dream seed? 5. Ice. What blocks and challenges your dream seed? 6 + 7. Forge. How can you support and shape your dream into reality? 8. Surfacing. What of your dream is currently emerging and you should seek to support right now?

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A Meeting with Death in the West

I’m wrapping up a year-long traverse deep down into the medicine spiral. Like a medicine wheel but with Celtic leanings, the spiral takes us into ourselves and back out again, shiny and new. So much has come out of these retreat weekends, five in all. At the dawn of each season and corresponding direction, and one more for the heart-centre, we meet, we meditate, we cook food together, we immerse in the teachings. This past weekend was the West, the Fall and Samhain. No matter the lineage, the theme of the West is always the same: death, dying, letting go, receding, resting and digesting. Just think of what’s happening in nature to steer your course (after all we humans are actually a part of it all, even though we vehemently deny it). The trees are bedding down, losing leaves, the plants in the garden receding, dropping into that heavy slumber that protects them through the winter – or perhaps they have been harvested for their gold and then composted, to be digested by the soil. Everything around …

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Samhain Altar Share and Remembering Loved Ones

My Samhain altar this year is dedicated to my ancestors, my family, my husband’s ancestors and our recently departed.   In the week leading up to Halloween, I had a very strong dream about an old friend of mine who died young. My best friend actually, in high-school, she was 17 when she died in a freak car crash. Her death effected me greatly for many years but I had not thought of her much lately. In the dream I was visiting her mom in present time. Her mom was showing me pictures of her and pieces of her handwriting, clothing and other things of hers. In the background a song was playing, The Who’s, Listening to You. The Who was one of her favourite bands so it didn’t surprise me, but as I came up out of sleep into this world, the lyrics played over and over in my head: See me, feel me, touch me, heal me. I cried for a while. After digesting the whole thing, I realized that it was a visitation. And …

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How to Forgive the Dark Side

Last night I had a really vivid dream that moved from one story to the next story. When I woke up I was like, wow! a lot going on there. I felt the tug to meditate immediately. What followed was the densest meditation session I have ever had. The energy in my mind was like a thousand tiny creeks bubbling, like a friend who’s bursting with something to tell and can’t talk fast enough, like fireflies zipping about in the night… you get it right? Meditation has been a big part of my life in the past four months. For the first couple of months not much happened. I would basically sit and think for half an hour. But recently, I’m continually having insights. Sometimes the info feels like it’s a cohesion of many deeper thoughts I have, or from my higher-self. Sometimes the info feels like it’s from an outside source. I have often seen myself suspended up over a river of torrential thoughts, sometimes on a balcony, sometimes just levitating. I can hear my …

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The Mat, She is Tenacious

Happy to report that I am back on my mat. You’d think from reading this blog that I do yoga all the time. I don’t. I’m actually not a creature of habit. I find that any routine can get stale, which bores me – and in my experience of myself, that’s when I start to rebel. Usually this means a full stop. It’s not that I get lazy. It’s more like a feeling of being confined. This claustrophobia and subsequent rebellion applies to most routines I attempt – even taking vitamins! One day I won’t take that massive B12. I just won’t dammit! And it all unravels from there. Before this day two weeks ago, I had not stepped on my mat for three months. I’ve been having Graves symptoms again – mostly palpitations and tachycardia. This gets really uncomfortable when doing anything physical. So I stopped my practice. Buuuut…I also stopped meditating. I stopped doing pranayama or chanting as well. I just didn’t come to the mat at all. I tried and tried to get up …

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How and Why to Start a Yoga Practice

On Sharon Gannon’s Magic Ten Asana Sequence and Why We Must Practice with Love I came across this article today. Love it so. Sharon Gannon is the teacher of one of my teachers and the founder/creatrix of the Jivamukti yoga method. In the article she talks about how the asana part of yoga allows us to feel at ease in our bodies, which frees the mind, the spirit. So true and I never really thought of it that way before. But if you think, you are sore or achy or you have chronic headaches or you are carrying too much weight for your frame – or you are too thin and arthritic and sore – all of these malaise, these complaints in the body help us to stay focussed on ourselves – our pain, our discomfort. The ego flourishes. Meditation is the strongest medicine for transcending the ego. It stops the hamster wheel in our heads. Suddenly we have relief from the constant judging, categorizing, ranting voices, the ‘poor mes’, the skirmishes to the past or the …