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Etsy Love Fest: Narnia

I heart Etsy. Not that I endorse consumer culture overly much, but I do love artists and crafty-people. And a lot of folks on Etsy are moms making it work. I’m happy to support. If you’re gonna buy, to the best of your abilities, buy second-hand, local, handmade or mom and pop. (In other words, avoid community destroying big box stores and socially un-conscious, environment killing corporations.) That’s my motto. This week Fox and I finished the Lion, Witch and the Wardrobe for the second time. All the better this time round because he’s older and gets a lot more of the story. I have officially created a new fan of Aslan. All is right in the world of parenting. I won’t hide it – Narnia is my happy place.

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Learning With an Altar-Space

Around Bealtane (Spring) 2012, I set up my first altar. It was confusing at first, because I wanted an altar for a few different reasons: one was to honour my ancestors and guides and whomever else may be out there helping me out; the other was to have a place to do a daily devotional to my HP (higher powers); and another was to have a working altar where I could sit in circle and work on things like making tools, journeying and working with energies, in a more formal way than I have been doing so far. So I set up three altars at first… and it didn’t work. I felt like my energies were too scattered. I realized that the working alter would have to be opened and closed – like, assembled and disassembled, unless I wanted to be feeding it every day – which I initially did do, but having three alters to ‘feed’ every day actually takes up way too much time for me. I get about ten minutes in the …

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Tips on How To Find Your Shadow

After reading this post from a past teacher, I decided to try out asking the spirit of my disease what it was here to teach me. For those who don’t know, I have Graves Disease, which is an autoimmune malfunction where the immune system attacks the thyroid gland (roughly speaking). Symptoms for me, fluctuate. Lately it’s been getting a bit worse. I feel in my bones that this malaise is energetic, or had an energetic beginning. I have felt like if I could just ask my body what was wrong, I could get an answer. It hadn’t occurred to me before to just, ask. So two mornings ago I woke up at 6am to get started. I did a bit of yoga – just a little, my body doesn’t like too much vigorous exercise right now so just a few rounds of sun salutations to build up some energy and get grounded – then some pranayama and cleaning out my chakras – then I felt moved to chant a bit, and experimented with some mas (instead of oms). Then I …

Quickening: An Imbolc Tarot Spread

Originally posted on FURIOUSHORDE:
Imbolc is a time of quickening. The word Imbolc is from the Gaelic for “in the belly” and speaks of the promise of spring, even when winter lingers. Think of the earth stretching before arising from her winter bed and her blood warming beneath her skin of soil. Our Quickening Spread for Imbolc is about paying attention to those seed dreams we discovered within ourselves in the dark of the year, focusing on how we can nurture our dream into reality. 1. Seed. What is the dream seed that you hope to grow in the brightening year? 2 + 3. Quickening. What energies are stirring awake within you? What part of your self that has been slumbering is slowly awakening? 4. Fire. What aids and inspires your dream seed? 5. Ice. What blocks and challenges your dream seed? 6 + 7. Forge. How can you support and shape your dream into reality? 8. Surfacing. What of your dream is currently emerging and you should seek to support right now?

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Turning the Tide, Planting Seeds – 8 Ways To Manifest a Better World at Imbolc

The world is going crazy south of us here in Canada and no-one knows how it will all pan out for all of us. Everything feels suddenly hyperreal, as is common when faced with a threat – reality solidifies around survival instincts so we can have this pin-point of focus on the enemy.
There is really SO MUCH wrong in the world it can be overwhelming. My reaction thus far has been to try to keep my eye on all of it, as if in some way this will make it all safer. But this is impossible. It spreads my energies thin and accomplishes very little, other than creating a state of fear and worry. So this year, at Imbolc, I am doing something different.

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In the Centre of the Medicine Wheel, I Found Chaos

But, it’s really like a little pet chaos. No synchronistic external events, that ‘prove’ we are really experiencing something. No. It’s like I am melting away from the world. The Centre is supposed to be where we find Balance. Either I am already there or Balance makes me feel itchy, wanting and cold, with that old restlessness like a tiny constant wind blowing in my ear. Remember, remember. Well? What is it? I have come to the end of my first year in the medicine spiral of my ancestors. We come to the end at the Centre. We come to our end at the centre.